How do I book you?
You can contact me via email at or feel free to drop a message on my Facebook page. We'll have a chat about what kind of results you're looking for and pop a date in the diary. It's that simple really.

Where do you shoot?
For headshots, I mostly shoot at my studio and outdoors in Hampstead, London. If you'd like me to come to you, there may be travel costs on top depending on the location.

Why do photographers charge so much?
Even though I'm on the cheaper end, I still get asked why I charge what I charge. Photographers are self-employed. All of our expenses come of of our pockets, such as travel, editing software, website fees - just to name a few! We don't get sick leave or holiday pay, so each moment we work is all the more valuable. And the few hours we spend with you are only a fraction of the work we put into producing your photos.

What's a "look"?
A "look" is basically an outfit. So if you're shooting portraits and would like variety, you can bring different outfits and try different hairstyles. This can make photoshoots longer and are therefore pricier than the average portrait session.

What are "proofs"?
During shooting I like to show you what photos I've taken to check we're on the right track. After we're done, I'll sift through all the snaps that have eyes closed or are mid-sneeze and select the bulk of the best with some light edits. These are 'proofs', and from those you'll select the number of final images we have agreed on.

What if I'm not happy with the results?
In the *unlikely* event you're unhappy with your images, we'll work together to find a solution. It may be as simple as me changing my editing style, but if that is not the case, we can arrange a reshoot.

What can I do if I love my images?
Now that's more like it! If that's the case, firstly, I get an immense feeling of satisfaction. But you can also do me a favour and leave me a lovely review on my Facebook page. In addition, you can make sure you credit me when sharing your images on social media so I can get more work and recognition!